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Mike, It Was Really Nothing

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Education is all the rage among the presidential candidates this year. It’s the one-word answer to every tough question — how America can boost its productivity and competitiveness, how to stop the AIDS and drug, plagues, how to uplift the underclass. George Bush, desperately looking for ways to distinguish himself from the Reagan administration, says he wants to be known as ‘the education president” (borrowing a line from Lyndon Johnson) and asserts that “education can be our most important trade program, our most important urban program, our best program for producing jos and bringing people out of poverty.” The Democrats are making similarly lavish promises, in partnership with certain foundations. Michael Dukakis vows that he’ll “work to make America first in the classroom, first in the workplace, first in the research laboratory, and first in the world.”

His war was lost, sadly.

These sentiments are laudable, but the candidates’ records and position papers don’t indicate that they are

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Dekalb Schools Set A Precedent

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DeKalb County parents, reportedly worried about the possibility of court-ordered busing, have turned to area private schools as safe educational havens for their children. And some of the more worried have considered moving out of the county.

“To some degree we do understand parents are looking to put their children in private schools,” says Andrew J. Olsen, director of communications for the Duval County school system. “There’s always the possibility of forced busing, which we don’t anticipate. We don’t see any indication of a mass exodus from the schools yet.”

Dorris Winecoff, a Realtor with Buckhead Brokers, has been selling homes in DeKalb County since 1964. She says that the community – black and white – is rallying behind the schools. In April, the DeKalb Board of Realtors will visit all the schools in the county so the Realtors can better sell the school system to prospective customers, she says.

Winecoff admits the signs she has gotten have

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French Surrender In Education? Say It Isn’t So…

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Chirac attack!

It appeared to be total capitulation. In the face of spreading, and ever more violent, demonstrations by students, and the threat of a general strike by the major unions, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac withdrew his controversial university-reform plan. What Chirac’s government had proposed was hardly draconian: a small rise in tuition fees, more autonomy for the state-run and -supported universities in choosing their students, other relatively minor reforms to debureaucratize an overloaded, overcrowded system.

The students who took to the streets in protest, first in some of the smaller cities and then in Paris, were not spiritual heirs of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the student revolutionaries whose riots in May 1968 resulted, one year later, in the departure of le grand Charles from French public life. These were thoroughly bourgeois students who were asking only for a better chance at a better life. The lot of the French collegian is hard: The universities from the Sorbonne on down

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Education Listens To Industry In The UK

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The national curriculum is a brave and important reform, but even when it has been implemented the UK educational system will not provide the kind of education needed by modern industry. In his new work, The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Harvard’s Michael Porter succinctly describes the faults of the British system of education: ‘The result of such an educational system is a study in contrasts. On the one hand, there is a pool of outstanding people well qualified for professional services, consultancy, software, publishing and the like. The upper tier of the human resource pool remains well trained and low-cost compared to other nations … On the other hand, there is a serious problem confronting the bulk of industry. The British workforce is well behind in education and skills compared with that of many other advanced nations.’

British industry needs, therefore, to say clearly what knowledge and skills ought to be developed. We should not be tempted to

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The PC Industry Has Changed; Stayed The Same

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It was a decade of polarity. The ’80s began in the deepest recession since the war. Inflation ran rampant and interest rates were the steepest in memory. Hard assets — gold, silver and real estate — dominated investor portfolios.

The decade closed with the greatest peacetime economic expansion in history and soft assets — stocks — in favor. Times haven’t changed, have they?

It was also the period in which the nation completed its shift from a smokestack economy to a service economy. And in a large measure, the personal computer stands as the icon of the decade because the currency of that economy was information; its treasury, the personal computer.

Absolute extremes were clearly reflected in the industry that drove this transition. Expansion rates in excess of 100 percent per year were the norm for the PC market in the early years. And at the same time as the industry was exploding, it was imploding. Technologies grew obsolete at

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Schools In Japan – Still Insane?

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JAPANESE SCHOOLS HAVE a mixed reputation among American educators. On one hand, there is a certain admiration based on the fact that Japanese students consistently place first in international comparisons, especially in mathematics and science, far ahead of American students. On the other, it is widely believed that their academic success relies almost exclusively on rote memory and a rigid curriculum. Many American educators think that the Japanese have purchased achievement by squelching individuality and creativity.

The Japanese have encouraged a degree of smugness among Americans by their own humility. During the past two years, teams of Japanese educators have been touring American schools, eager to learn how we encourage the development of unusually gifted children. In addition, as I discovered in a recent trip to Japan, their educational leaders typically downplay their remarkable record of academic achievement and focus instead on their problems, such as “school violence.” (In fact, their discipline problems pale in comparison to ours;

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College Students And Computer Literacy

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Are our schools producing the computer-literate graduates we expect? Sometimes yes and sometimes no, if the college products who walk through our doors are typical.

Corporate computer managers often dread the newly minted graduate who trots in, takes a look at the computing environment and runs off to management saying, ‘Oh, you’ve just got to get X or I can’t possibly do my job.’ X, of course, is either the software or the hardware our graduate used in school.

Recently, I read an alarming sentiment from a university computer manager who fervently hopes Steve Jobs will price the NeXT at about $3,500 so all the manager’s students could afford it. What am I going to do with an employee who thinks computing starts and ends with a NeXT?

And not too long ago, a graduate student at a major university where the Macintosh is the standard student computer told me she couldn’t imagine using an IBM PC, or even one …

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California Dreamin’ Turns To Nightmare For Education

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That is one ugly California school!

For most of the country, California’s Proposition 13 has become a footnote to an era that’s had a surfeit of talk about tax revolt and tax reform. But eight years and two political cycles later, it’s clear that, for California, Jarvis-Gann, wasn’t a passing fad, but a conscious political decision, institutionalized by two governors and reconfirmed in every election since, to cut taxes, cap public spending, and curtail public services. As a result, California, which was once regarded as a leader among states in progressive government, public education, and social service, is now not much better than average.

Consider the numbers. In a decade California has dropped from sixth to 15th in per capita public spending, from 14th to 29th in spending per $1,000 of personal income. It now spends less than the national average for each child in its public schools (it stands 26th in the nation, between Ohio and Texas), comes in

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New Innovations In POS Systems

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The winning pos systems, which are PC-based, costs about $20,000 per store to install. It is well worth it, according to Heaton.

“We can get sales at any point in time, by the hour or quarter-hour,” she says. Managers can find out the product mix at any given time; run out reports of servers’ sales and average checks; and obtain an entire-store financial statement. Store-to-corporate-office E-mail and inventory functions will soon be available.

As fantastic as the new system is, the logistics of setting it up were mind-bending, Heaton says. The touch screen, she explains, contains icons on a flat surface–one for each menu item. Instead of turning in a paper order sheet to the kitchen, servers press the icons and the order comes up in the kitchen. “You’ve seen a Denny’s menu,” Heaton says. “What are they, nine pages? Imagine putting that on a screen.”

Indeed, learning the menu layout is proving to be the most difficult part of

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Saving Your Data With Laptop Data Recovery

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Everyone’s worse nightmare is when their laptop dies on them and it does not turn on again. Many people face this problem at least once throughout their relationships with computers and laptops. Most of us store important and confidential data in their laptops or personal computers. In addition, when our laptop crashes and requires data recovery, it is not an easy task to retrieve lost data, as you can read at . Nevertheless, laptop data recovery is feasible. Drive and data recovery experts have been able to take apart laptops and personal computers and extract the data from the hard disk. By carrying out steps like dismantling the hard disk from the ‘dead’ laptop and assembling it onto a working laptop, professionals can access the data stored within the hard disk. This task is intriguing for non-experts, as laptop data recovery requires the professional to connect the hard drive and select proper settings to remove information from the drive to …

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Recovering Data Prior Doing a Hard Drive Repair

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Preparing for your thesis presentation and deliberation or working on your materials for the next Board meeting of the Company, and then there goes your hard drive crashing down. Suddenly your screen turns black. The fact that you need a hard drive repair comes into your mind. Fear creeps in as the thought of losing all the materials and wasted time preparing it. Pray hard that you can recover it. Do not get alarmed; stay calm. There are many ways now to save your files when you need a hard drive repair done. But first, do your “first aid kit” when things like this happen. Restart your computer. But if it keeps on saying: insert a bootable media, try to switch your hard drive from IDE1 to IDE2. If it still will not start, remove your hard disk drive from your computer and try it to your co-employees computer. If it still will not work then you will need …

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A Relationship Can Come To An End Due To Snoring

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sspThere are many factors that make one attracted to another. Snoring can be a deal breaker when it comes to relationships. Sleeping with someone who snores can get tiring over time. Lack of sleep causes irritability which can result in the ending of a beautiful relationship. Snoring pillows can offer the perfect solution to a snoring spouse. There are different shapes, colors and sizes available in the market; they are convenient and easy to clean. They are portable and you can take yours when you go on holiday with your love.

Teens are great fans of sleep-over; a snoring teen will not get an invite. Protect your teen from bulling by purchasing several snoring pillows to take to the sleep parties. Living with an elderly person can be challenging. Having a good night sleep will be possible when you have snore less pillows for your guests. Your children will enjoy living with their grandmother is she does not keep …

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Succeeding In American Education

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In the business of quality education, nothing succeeds like failure. Every commission report that rails against the mediocrity of our schools translates into a multimillion-dollar government program for education. Every time the literacy rate or the SAT scores decline we get another batch of reforms to raise teacher salaries and fund innovative techniques. No matter what is wrong with the schools, the response is invariably “more”–more spending, more programs, more reports. In the private sector this is called rewarding incompetence. In public education it’s called “investing in our future.”

America has a blind faith in the melioristic power and perfectibility of its public schools. In her outstanding history of post-world War II education, The Troubled Crusade, Diane Ravitch notes the pattern:

Probably no other idea has seemed more typically American than the belief that schooling can cure society’s ills. Whether in the early nineteenth century or the twentieth, Americans have argued for more schooling on the grounds that

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Science And Engineering Key To The Future Of America

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Most deans also believe students from high school to kindergarten must receive more exposure to science and engineering.

A program at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) is trying to provide that exposure. Northeastern sponsors 2- to 4-week seminars for high-school faculty members in an effort to improve their methods of teaching and to introduce students to engineering.

AT the University of Massachusetts (Amherts, MA), summer sessions in engineering target high-school students. Students learn about personal computers and low-level engineering and visit nearby electronics companies.

The AEA has also taken an active interest in upgrading education in math and science at both the elementary and high-school levels. It produces and distributes “The K-12 Model Program Guide For Industry/Education Partnerships” on a quarterly basis. This guide outlines various programs that have been successfully implemented across the US to enhance math and science education. The AEA hopes other schools will emulate these programs.

Women and minorities

As the white-male population continues to decrease, universities

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Satellite And Remote Courses Becoming Huge

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Satellite and microwave transmissions have become commonplace in continuing education. Transmissions are typically set up between a university and a corporation, and both satellite and microwave transmissions allow for 2-way audio, which means engineers can ask professors questions during the lecture, just as if they were in the campus classroom. Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts are just two examples of universities that run such programs.

Distances no longer a problem.

Some companies have even moved beyond the one-university, one-corporation satellite link. Texas Instruments, in conjunction with Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), created an extended continuing education system that serves Northern Texas. Called The Association for Graduate Education and Research, or TAGER, and now operated independently by the Texas Association for Higher Education (Dallas, TX), the network includes SMU, the University of Dallas, the University of Northern Texas, and the University of Texas at Arlington. The network transmits classes via microwave to a variety of subscribers, including Motorola, Rockwell

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Hitting Mathematics Where It Hurts; Artificial Intelligence

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Beyond being “whatever mathematicians do”, mathematics is the study of abstract structures: integers or points in space, for instance, or sets, and sets of sets. The beauty of mathematics is revealed when we develop a deeper understanding of such structures. To cope with mathematical abstractions, people have used practical representations as a way to visualize mathematical ideas ever since they first realized they had ten fingers.

Tracing the history of technology in mathematics, we see the invention and use of the abacus, the quipu, Napier’s bones, and the slide rule, all of which were improved ways of manipulating numbers. Drawings have always been used as a tool to express geometric ideas; Archimedes was slain as he pondered a drawing in the sand. The ruler and the compass were more than just drawing tools to the ancient Greeks. Their use inspired deep mathematical questions as to what could and could not be drawn with them–questions that eventually led to the …

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Creating A Business From The Ability To Repair a Failed Hard Drive

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Do you own a business venture that needs to know how to repair a failed hard drive? This is an ideal business venture because computer peripherals fail from time to time making your services ideal to many people. However, you should market yourself in order to make sure that you reach out to your potential clients. This marketing venture is done by approaching marketing agencies or placing advertisements on media publications like newspapers, magazines and journals. Attending information technology seminars and symposiums is also a way of reaching out to people whose computer parts have problems. You can also write articles on blogs, websites and discuss related issues with people on online forums. These websites and blogs should have the best choice of colors and layout to catch the eyes of a reader. Content should also be readable and captivating. In addition to that you can seek people close to you to give you relevant recommendations. However, you must budget …

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Staying Competitive With Literacy

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The US work force has a literacy rate of 80 percent while Japan’s is 95 percent: Better education could strengthen economic competitiveness.

To meet today’s challenges, our educational system should be producing thoughtful and creative workers. But our schools don’t measure up. What if children grew up enjoying learning and maintained that attitude? Their responses to our troubled future would be better guided, more thoughtful, more intelligent. This should be the goal for our schools; and technology can help. Revolutionizing our schools won’t be a quick fix, but in the long run ignorance is far more costly.

Literacy pays dividends.

The business sector has a longterm interest in educational improvement. A recent article in Business Week, “Human Capital: The Decline of America’s Work Force,” concludes that “investments in education and training will yield sure-fire retums we can’t afford to ignore.” The computer industry, too, should take a leading, pro-active role in the coming educational revolution. Along with fierce competition

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